Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 443 Issue Date: 23 Apr, 2015

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Bangladesh visitor welcomed

One of the enjoyable experiences of Rotary is to be able to welcome Rotarians from other countries. Our club is fortunate in that we meet at a time that is the most convenient for visitors to Canberra and so we often have Rotarians from overseas "making up" at our club meetings. This was again the case at our meeting of 13 April, when we had as our guest Major-General Fazal Ur Rahman from Takka West Rotary Club in Bangladesh (who also brought another guest, Liur Ahmed, with him). Fazal brought greeetings from his club, and was presented with a banner from our club by President Jeff Bradley. Fazal and Jeff are pictured above during the banner presentation.

This week's meeting was a Service Groups discussion, and fellowship, event, during which President Jeff gave a summary of important points emerging from the previous Board meeeting. Matters referred to were the Centenary Trail App (still progressing with Dan Barbulescu), the imminent cut-off of our regular Bulletin in favour of Clubrunner, favourable progress with Circus Quirkus, the excellent job being done by Treasurer Mike Sargent in absentia, and the launch of a new club event, the dinner/storytelling function. In addition, a number of directors and event co-ordinators addressed the club on progress in their spheres of activity.

President Jeff spoke further on the fun function to be held on Wednesday 6 May, for which details have been circulated to all club members by email  (please contact Jeff if you didn't receive this). He emphasised the importance of the event, from the perspective of there also being a presentation of a Vocational Service Award, and most importantly if sufficient interest is shown by members, it could be the formula for a future significant fund-raiser involving the general public. There has been a good response so far from people willing to tell their humerous stories, so it should be an entertainment highlight for the club. If you haven't yet indicated your attendance, but could come, please contact President Jeff to register or seek further information.

Finally, club member Klaus Klaiber was recently involved in a serious car accident, in wiich he suffered nine broken ribs and the car was a write-off. He will be recuperating for some time, and our best wishes are extended to Klaus.




Rotary Club of Canberra
            Office Holders

President - Jeff Bradley PHF

Secretary - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Treasurer - Mike Sargent

President Elect  - Peter Hughes PHF

Club Service & Fundraising  - Gill McFeat-Lin PP, PHF

Foundation Director - Paul Street OAM PDG PHF

Membership Director - Peter Hughes PHF

Sergeant - Bruce Mackay PHF

International Service - Phil Byrne PHF

Community Service - Michele Whitters PHF

Youth Service - Paul O'Connor PP PHF

Vocational Service Govert Mellink PP

Website & PR Director - Rim El Kadi


Public Officer - Tim Johnstone

Speakers' Roster - Gill McFeat

Weekly Bulletin e-mail - Rim El Kadi

Front Desk Organisation - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Special Days
Wed, 6 May - Edmund/Eddie Whitters' Birthday

Wed, 22 Apr - Chris Franham just joined our Club

Wed, 22 Apr - Dannielle Robinson just joined our Club

Tue, 28 Apr - Neil and Georgia Renfree will be celebrating 52 years of Marriage

Fri, 1 May - Jack Olsson will have served our Rotary club for 59 years

Fri, 1 May - Lachlan Lewis will have served our Rotary club for 29 years

Fri, 1 May - Michael Kumm will have served our Rotary club for 28 years

Meeting Rosters
Front Desk
Front Desk
Raffle Prize
27 Apr, 15
Artur Zawadski
Yvonne Luxford
Colin Holmes
Paul Street
04 May, 15
Dan Barbulescu
Gillian McFeat Lin
Tim Johnstone
Natalie VandepeerBradley
11 May, 15
Phil Byrne
Michael Moore
Max Kimber
Michele Whitters
18 May, 15
David Cossart
Paul O'Connor
Michael Kumm
Richard Wilson
25 May, 15
Peter Dawson
Ruth Pearce
Lachlan Lewis
Mandy Yap
01 Jun, 15
Andrew Fleming
Alison Russell-French
Yvonne Luxford
Dan Barbulescu
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