Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 425 Issue Date: 18 Dec, 2014

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George Nicola newest PHF

One of the highlights of our last meeting of the year, the very successful Christmas function, was the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow award to George Nicola. George has been a member of our club for quite a few years, but work pressures prevented him from becoming much involved in the Club's activities until this year. George has made a very significant impact on increasing the membership of the Club in the last few months, as well as co-ordinating a committee to look at possible small-scale renewable energy projects in which the club can play a facilitating role. President Jeff felt that George's outstanding contribution in the last six months should be recognised now rather than wait until the end of his Presidency. George is pictured above with the President during the presentation.

Monday night also saw a very different Christmas function from those of past years. We were privileged to be entertained by Greta Claringbould, who organises and conducts the Canberra Children's Choir, and two of her choir members, Amelia Linton (12) and Johannes Latham (8), accompanied by Johannes' mother, Hanna-Mari Latham. In addition to performing solos, and a couple of duets with lucky club members, Greta led the group in carol singing, and her contribution to the enjoyment of the evening was much appreciated. President Jeff made a presentation of a cheque for $500 to her for use with the Children's Choir, and extended an invitation to join us again in the future.

The evening also saw the launching of the "decorate a person as a Christmas tree" competition, which created much hilarity. Some photos of this event will surely find their way onto our Facebook page. Mark Seinor was adjudged the winner of the competition, probably as much for his 3-D creation and originality rather than just aesthetic appeal. Nineta Barbalescu and Alison Wertenauer were the judges of this fun-filled event.

Our Club will now go into recess until January. Our next meeting will be on 5 January when we will convene in Nara Park for the traditional New Year's BBQ, and the following meeting will be a joint meeting with Bungendore Rotary Club at The Woodworks Cafe on 12 January. Please register on the website for both these meetings.

If you are going away for the festive season, please drive safely; we want to enjoy the company of all of you in 2015. On behalf of the Board, I wish you a very happy time with your loved ones this Christmas period, and a New Year full of contentment and good health.

- President Jeff


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Sat, 27 Dec - Beverley O'Neill's Birthday

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