Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 411 Issue Date: 11 Sep, 2014

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District Governor's Visit

This week's meeting was the official visit of the District Governor, Rowley Tompsett, and it turned out to be a very full meeting. DG Rowley spoke of his vision for our Rotary District and Rotary International President Gary Huang's vision for Rotary. Rowley was officially thanked by our senior statesman and former DG, Jack Olsson.

Rowley was accompanied by his wife, Denise, who spoke briefly on her special project, the Rotary Children's Emergency Medical Fund, which was the recipient of this week's Sergeants fines.

Rowley also assisted in the induction of new member, Mark Seinor. Mark, whose membership was proposed by George Nicola, was introduced to the Club by President Jeff and his Rotary emblem was affixed to his lapel by DG Rowley. Mark then addressed the club, outlining ways in which he felt that he could contribute to the Club.

Rowley asked for a member of the club to give a brief talk on "My Rotary Moment", and Max Kimber, our stalwart who manages our Foodbank project, olbiged by talking of the significant moments in his Rotary experience.

The meeting was also the first opportunity for our Belgian exchange student, Blandine Lens, to be introduced to all members. Blandine gave a brief "thank you" talk to the Club, and is looking forward very much to her year with us. Blandine is pictured above (left) with (L to R) President Jeff, Denise Tompsett, DG Rowley Tompsett and Jack Olsson.

This week sees the start of Floriade, and our club's involvement in the Gnomes Project in support of Canberra East Rotary Club. Members are asked to note the shifts to which they have committed and liaise with Gillian McFeat on any changes.

Next month is Vocational Service Month and it is usual for us to nominate a couple of people for Vocational Service awards where we feel that exemplary service has been given. Members are asked to provide nominations to Vocational Service Director, Govert Mellink, and copied to President Jeff, within the next fortnight.

- President Jeff


Rotary Club of Canberra
            Office Holders

President - Jeff Bradley PHF

Secretary - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Treasurer - Mike Sargent

President Elect  - Peter Hughes PHF

Club Service & Fundraising  - Gill McFeat-Lin PP, PHF

Foundation Director - Paul Street OAM PDG PHF

Membership Director - Peter Hughes PHF

Sergeant - Bruce Mackay PHF

International Service - Phil Byrne PHF

Community Service - Michele Whitters PHF

Youth Service - Paul O'Connor PP PHF

Vocational Service Govert Mellink PP

Website & PR Director - Rim El Kadi


Public Officer - Tim Johnstone

Speakers' Roster - Gill McFeat

Weekly Bulletin e-mail - Rim El Kadi

Front Desk Organisation - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Special Days
Tue, 16 Sep - David Cossart's Birthday

Tue, 23 Sep - Shane Gray's Birthday

Mon, 8 Sep - Mark Seinor just joined our Club

Wed, 17 Sep - Natalie VandepeerBradley will have served our Rotary club for 13 years

Wed, 17 Sep - Rim El Kadi will have served our Rotary club for 2 years

Sat, 20 Sep - Lachlan and Margaret Lewis will be celebrating 46 years of Marriage

Sat, 20 Sep - Yvonne Luxford will have served our Rotary club for 4 years

Wed, 24 Sep - Andy Liu will have served our Rotary club for 2 years

Meeting Rosters
Front Desk
Front Desk
Raffle Prize
15 Sep, 14
Jack Olsson
Michael Sargent
Richard Wilson
George Nicola
22 Sep, 14
Michael Sargent
John Hawley
Dan Barbulescu
John O'Neill
29 Sep, 14
Alison Russell-French
Peter Hooton
Phil Byrne
Ruth Pearce
13 Oct, 14
Mark Seinor
Dan Barbulescu
David Cossart
Michael Sargent
20 Oct, 14
Gerard Uytterhaegen
Hugh Dakin
Peter Dawson
Mark Seinor
27 Oct, 14
Mick Wilcock
Andrew Fleming
Richard Griffiths
Gerard Uytterhaegen
03 Nov, 14
Dan Barbulescu
John Hawley
Peter Hughes
Michele Whitters
10 Nov, 14
Hugh Dakin
Howard Kemp
Michael Kumm
Richard Wilson
17 Nov, 14
Rim El Kadi
Michael Kumm
Lachlan Lewis
Mandy Yap
24 Nov, 14
Rick Forster
Andy Liu
Yvonne Luxford
Dan Barbulescu
01 Dec, 14
Jeremy Hearder
Gillian McFeat Lin
Marion McMillan
Gerard Brennan
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