Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 407 Issue Date: 14 Aug, 2014

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Welcome Artur, Thanks George

This month is Membership Month, so it was good to be able to induct Artur Zawadski into our club membership this week, after Artur having attended quite a few club meetings in recent weeks. Artur is pictured above, shortly after his induction, with his introducer, George Nicola, and Club President, Jeff Bradley.

George has been very actively involved in our club's affairs in recent weeks. Not only has he introduced quite a few visitors (prospective members) to the club, but he also hosted our fun day, "Escape to Gundaroo" last Saturday, which was adjudged by all participants as a great success. Many thanks to George and also Gillian McFeat-Lin for the organisation of this wonderful event. There are pictures of it on our website page.

This week we were also privileged to have as our guest speaker, the Deputy CEO of Comcare, Cathy Skippington, who addressed us on the topic "Good work is good for your health". Cathy's address was much appreciated, judging by the number of questions from members that she expertly answered. A photo of Cathy will be found on our Facebook page.

President Jeff also took the opportunity at the meeting to brief club members on the significant decisions of the Board the previous Thursday. One of points raised was the continuing problem of attendees not registering by the deadline. This week there were 19 registrations by the deadline but 34 meals required. This is not acceptable, and the Board is considering actions that might need to be taken to enforce our rules.

President Jeff

Special Days
Tue, 19 Aug - Jeff Bradley's Birthday

Thu, 28 Aug - Richard Griffiths' Birthday

Sun, 10 Aug - Artur Zawadski just joined our Club

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