Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 439 Issue Date: 26 Mar, 2015

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Presentation at Rotaract

At last Thursday's Rotaract meeting, Paul O'Connor, on behalf of the Rotary Club of Canberra, presented Tudor Barbulescu with his RYLA Attendance certificate. Paul is pictured above making the presentation to Tudor, who had previously addressed the club and spoken of the very favourable impact that the RYLA experience had had on him. Also at the Rotaract meeting were Rotary Club members, Mandy Yap and President Jeff Bradley. Mandy has recently returned to Australia after suffering dengue fever whilst in Asia, but fortunately appears to be well on the recovery path.

This week's Club meeting was a Service Groups discussion meeting, which gave members some time to explore the matters being worked on in each committee. There was also the opportunity to hear from diretors on matters relevant to all club members. Of particular note was the announcement that the club will be supporting the Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal in the amount of $10,000, via a combination of RAWCS and Shelterbox.

Also this week Rim el Kadi made a short visual presentation to the club on using Club Runner, our new Bulletin program. It was suggested that members present all commit to endeavouring to register for next week's meeting on the Club Runner site, so that we can become familiar with it and so that any teething problems members might have can be identified. This was agreed to. It would be appreciated if all club members, including those not present on Monday, would make this effort, so that we can expedite the transfer to the new system.

Our Youth Exchange Student, Blandine, sould by now be enjoying the start of her YEP Safari experience. We wish you a very enjoyable experience over the next few weeks, Blandine. Going by past experiences, you will make a whole lot of new friends, some of whom you will retain for life.

Finally, George Nicola was entering hospital after the meeting on Monday for a full knee replacement operation. We appreciate your attendance at the meeting, George, knowing that you had other matters weighing on your mind. Our thoughts are with you, and we trust that all went well and that you are back on your feet without much delay.

- President Jeff.




Rotary Club of Canberra
            Office Holders

President - Jeff Bradley PHF

Secretary - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Treasurer - Mike Sargent

President Elect  - Peter Hughes PHF

Club Service & Fundraising  - Gill McFeat-Lin PP, PHF

Foundation Director - Paul Street OAM PDG PHF

Membership Director - Peter Hughes PHF

Sergeant - Bruce Mackay PHF

International Service - Phil Byrne PHF

Community Service - Michele Whitters PHF

Youth Service - Paul O'Connor PP PHF

Vocational Service Govert Mellink PP

Website & PR Director - Rim El Kadi


Public Officer - Tim Johnstone

Speakers' Roster - Gill McFeat

Weekly Bulletin e-mail - Rim El Kadi

Front Desk Organisation - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Special Days
Fri, 27 Mar - Jim Dickson's Birthday

Sat, 28 Mar - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley's Birthday

Sat, 28 Mar - Natalie VandepeerBradley's Birthday

Sat, 28 Mar - Neil Renfree's Birthday

Thu, 2 Apr - Michael Moore's Birthday

Thu, 2 Apr - Winnifred Rosser's Birthday

Wed, 1 Apr - Neil Gray will have served our Rotary club for 30 years

Wed, 1 Apr - Neil Renfree will have served our Rotary club for 41 years

Wed, 1 Apr - Peter Dawson will have served our Rotary club for 40 years

Tue, 7 Apr - David and Deb Cossart will be celebrating 43 years of Marriage

Tue, 7 Apr - Michele Whitters will have served our Rotary club for 7 years

Thu, 9 Apr - Natalie VandepeerBradley and Jeff Bradley will be celebrating 10 years of Marriage

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