Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 405 Issue Date: 31 Jul, 2014

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Circus Quirkus a hit

Michael Kumm, organiser of our major community event and fund-raiser, Circus Quirkus, reports that the event was again a resounding success this year. Pictured above are the cast of acrobats forming a human pyramid. Further photos are on our Facebook page.

This week's club meeting saw the implementation of our new initiative, Service Group discussions in normal club time. At the end of discussion time each of the five Service directors gave a summary of their current endeavours and plans for the next few months, so club members in attendance are now fully informed of the club's activities.

August is Membership Month, and we expect to be inducting a number of new members in the next few weeks. If you know of any person whom you believe would make a suitable Rotarian, now would be a good time to invite them to one of our Rotary meetings. Why not speak to our Membership Director, Peter Hughes, who is ready to assist you in any way.

Finally, Saturday 9 August is our fun day at Gundaroo, with mine host, club member George Nicola. This promises to be a fun and informative day out, so please think about joining us on this outing.

President Jeff

Special Days
Wed, 13 Aug - Lachlan Lewis' Birthday

Wed, 13 Aug - Margaret Moore's Birthday

Mon, 11 Aug - John O'Neill will have served our Rotary club for 17 years

Meeting Rosters
Front Desk
Front Desk
Raffle Prize
04 Aug, 14
Lachlan Lewis
Neil Renfree
Mathew Munro
Lachlan Lewis
11 Aug, 14
Lindell McConnell
Michele Whitters
Ruth Pearce
Yvonne Luxford
18 Aug, 14
Govert Mellink
Dan Barbulescu
Mario Rosi
David Marshall
25 Aug, 14
Michael Moore
Tony Cooper
Michael Sargent
Gillian McFeat Lin
01 Sep, 14
Mathew Munro
Peter Dawson
Paul Street
Jorge Montalvo
08 Sep, 14
Paul O'Connor
Andrew Fleming
Natalie VandepeerBradley
Helen Moore
15 Sep, 14
Jack Olsson
Barbara Griffiths
Richard Wilson
George Nicola
22 Sep, 14
Michael Sargent
John Hawley
Dan Barbulescu
John O'Neill
29 Sep, 14
Alison Russell-French
Peter Hooton
Phil Byrne
Ruth Pearce
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