Newsletter for the Rotary Club of Canberra - Issue No.: 391 Issue Date: 24 Apr, 2014

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Engaging Friends ... Changing venues, distance... one spirit!

Dear Friends,

It's been a while since my last update... Easter is upon us. this means different things to many of us... be it the that winter is near, celebrating the sacrifice of Christ, time with family and friends, spring is in the air - for those in the northern hemishpere... what ever it is, and how ever you are celebrting... please make the most of the time ahead.

As you can see, our friends in Europe, seem not to have changed... a joyful reunion we must conclude. thank you PE Jeff for sharing ... albeit at 4:30AM on a non silenced phone... I had to get up early... but not that early...

We won't be meeting this Monday due to Easter Monday, I would like to draw your attention to a few items nevertheless. 

Please consider registring for the District Assembly in Bega, it's always good to learn from other clubs that deal with similar issues and have solved them innovatively.

RIAC is going ahead and it looks like we will have a splendid program on offer, including a great guest speaker on the day. Cloe Munro of the Clean energy Regulator. 

Speaking of Speakers ... on the 19th of May we will receive Peter Varghese the Secretary for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

But before then, Food and bio security is on our agenda... Mr. Les Baxter will be speaking to us.

Register quickly and bring a friend that may wish to learn more and see what our club is like. 

Happy Easter, have a great Rotary week (or two).




Rotary Club of Canberra
            Office Holders

President - Govert Mellink

Secretary - Allison Russel-French

Treasurer - Mike Sargent

President Elect  - Jeff Bradley PHF

Club Service & Fundraising  - Gill McFeat-Lin PP, PHF

Foundation Director - Paul Street OAM PDG PHF

Membership Director - Lyndell McConnel

Sergeant - Howard Kemp

International Service - Peter Hooton

Community Service - Michele Whitters PHF

Youth Service - Paul O'Connor PP PHF

Vocational Service - Natalie Vandepeer-Bradley PP PHF

Website & PR Director - Rim El Kadi


Public Officer - Tim Johnstone

Speakers' Roster - Gill McFeat

Weekly Bulletin e-mail - Mario Rosi

Front Desk Organisation - Richard Griffiths

Special Days
Tue, 6 May - Edmund/Eddie Whitters' Birthday

Thu, 8 May - Alison Russell-French's Birthday

Mon, 28 Apr - Neil and Georgia Renfree will be celebrating 51 years of Marriage

Thu, 1 May - Jack Olsson will have served our Rotary club for 58 years

Thu, 1 May - Lachlan Lewis will have served our Rotary club for 28 years

Thu, 1 May - Michael Kumm will have served our Rotary club for 27 years

Meeting Rosters
Front Desk
Front Desk
Raffle Prize
28 Apr, 14
Tim Johnstone
Bruce Mackay
Michael Moore
George Nicola
05 May, 14
Yvonne Luxford
Jorge Montalvo
John O'Neill
Neil Renfree
12 May, 14
Helen Moore
Paul O'Connor
Colin Holmes
Paul Street
19 May, 14
Jack Olsson
Dan Barbulescu
Michele Whitters
Mandy Yap
26 May, 14
Michael Sargent
Hugh Dakin
Phil Byrne
Dan Barbulescu
02 Jun, 14
Richard Wilson
Neil Gray
Rim El Kadi
Hugh Dakin
09 Jun, 14
Tony Cooper
Jeremy Hearder
Richard Griffiths
Neil Gray
16 Jun, 14
Hugh Dakin
Peter Hughes
John Hawley
Richard Griffiths
23 Jun, 14
Rim El Kadi
Max Kimber
Alison Russell-French
John Hawley
30 Jun, 14
Rick Forster
Lachlan Lewis
Peter Hughes
Colin Holmes
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