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Focus on Reconciliation

This week’s guest speaker was Ms Joy Thomas, whose topic was “Acknowledging National Reconciliation”. This is National Reconciliation Week, and we were delighted to have a speaker of Joy’s calibre address us. Joy, pictured above during her presentation, has served for three years on the Board of Reconciliation Australia – and is currently also a member of the RECOGNISE sub-committee (the people’s movement to recognise ABTI peoples). Joy’s talk was particularly well received, as evidenced by the number and range of the questions asked afterwards.


The next important event for our club, apart from our regular meetings, is a meeting to discuss RYDA for Schools, convened by Co-ordinator, Gerard Brennan, at the Commonwealth Club on Wednesday 3 June. At the meeting Greg Rappo, a senior representative of RYDA on Sydney, will explain the new RYDA Program which has been adopted by the controlling body, Road Safety Education. The aim of the meeting is to broaden support for the program, encouraging more ACT schools to take advantage of the benefits it offers. If you wish to attend, please contact Gerard to discuss this.

Next week should be a “not-to-be-missed” meeting, as our speaker will be our delightful exchange student, Blandine Lens, who will tell us about her year in Australia. Blandine is now approaching the end of her year here, and it will be one of the last opportunities to have her participate in our meetings. Judging by her Facebook page, she has been having a wonderful time, especially with her Youth Exchange peers.

Finally, members should expect  to receive an email from our Bulletin Editor, Rim el Kadi, asking for a reply from any member experiencing difficulty in registering (attendance or apology) on the Clubrunner site. She needs to know the extent of the problems, and the specific nature of them, so that we can get them sorted out before we cease to use the current Bulletin site.

Jeff Bradley

Rim El Kadi


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